Consulting Services in Change Management

Shifting business priorities is a constant and require increasing agility from organisations. An often-underestimated paramount success factor is people. That is where change management plays an important role. We support you and your organisation on the change journey. We help you maximise the adoption and usage of your key projects, we develop your lasting change ability and ultimately optimise your transformations' ROI.

People Solutions for Business Success

On the surface, implementing new technology or changing work processes may seem pretty straightforward.
But you know better. Things tend to get complicated whenever people are involved – and they always are.
Sometimes changes have a ground-shaking impact on the people in your organisation, and sometimes the changes are simple adjustments to the way you work.

Either way, Change management requires focus and effort.

Our approach combines a structured and tooled methodology by considering individuals emotional aspects and group dynamics.

We partner with you to design and implement results-focused Change Management strategies, and we accompany you with training and coaching services all along the way.

Our change management methodology is internationally recognized, holistic and it takes the complexity of the change into account. This ensures that the change effort is focused and that the change gets robust and lasting. Ultimately, with our work, we ambition to instil Change Management into your organisation's DNA and make it a standard practice.

Here is how we work:

  • 1. Together we make sure we understand the issuse

    Together with our customers we make sure we understand the issue.

    We assess what the change is about, who is impacted and how to implement the change successfully.

    To this end, our consultants have been using our Prosci® Methodology for over 10 years. It is thanks to this work, among other things, that the methodology has gained international recognition.

    Typically we start off with understanding the nature and the context of the change in close collaboration with our customers.

    We identify impacted stakeholders and relevant sponsors for the change. We identify training and communication needs for the change to be successful. All this is put into the overall change management plan.

  • 2. We develop the people to fulfil their role in the change

    We develop the people to fulfil their role in the change. Depending on the needs of the different roles involved in the change we design and develop relevant communication and training.

    Training can be delivered in different ways and formats depending on what is the most efficient. This could be by train-the-trainer to conduct traditional class-room training or eLearning.

  • 3. We manage the change together with you

    We manage the change together with you. We ensure that the change is implemented successfully in your organisation and with your customers. This is done according to the change management plan.

    Throughout the change process we measure if the change is happening as planned and adjust the change management plan if necessary.

Gains are:

  • Projects have effective Change Management applied every time.
  • Leaders, managers, and employees understand and effectively demonstrate their role in the change.
  • People embrace, adopt and actively drive change.

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