Welcome to Prosci Europe!

Welcome to Prosci Europe!
Empowering businesses and people to adapt, succeed, and lead the process of change into the future.

Change is Accelerating. Are you ready?

In today's fast-paced business world, agility and flexibility are critical. Prosci Europe is here to help you develop your organisation's change capability and provide the expected payoff of your investments in change.

We provide change management holistic solutions to empower your business and people to adapt, succeed, and lead the change process into the future.

Grow vital individual change Competencies

Succeed at projects critical to the business

Cultivate a flexible, change-ready culture

Change Management Impact on Your Organisation

When your organisation undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address critical issues, it often has to make changes: changes to processes, professional roles, organisational structures, technologies, etc.

Change Management is the people side of any organisational change.

The Change management discipline has evolved and matured over the past 25 years.

Prosci research tells us that for changes to be successful, we must prepare, equip, and support individuals moving through changes so that they can successfully adopt them.

Without adoption, changes will not be successful, and we will not deliver the desired outcomes.

Without Change Management

Employees feel surprised and besieged by change

  • Failed project results
  • Extended project timelines
  • Additional project costs
  • Low adoption and usage
With Change Management

Employees feel prepared, equipped and supported

  • Likely to meet project objectives
  • Likely to stay on schedule
  • Likely to stay on budget
  • People-dependent ROI achieved

Change Management in Action

  • Change Management: Results With and Without. A Case Study.

    Prosci Europe's case studies offer practical insights for organisations wishing to make changes that stick. Executive Summary Why should I read? To get a real-life example of what can happen without a structured approach to managing the change. We uncover the difference in outcome between two organisations seeking to deploy the same technological solution to a recurrent and common issue in the personal care service sector. Highlights: In one case, the implementation phase proved much longer than expected. Only half of the staff was or stayed on board. The gulf between the target set and the number of people proficiently using the change kept widening every day. The second case shows adoption and utilisation rates close to 88%. A clear CM plan with actionable strategies delivered expected results on time. For a complete overview of what a successful CM plan looks like, please see Keys to application.  ...

  • Moving to the Hybrid Workplace: How ADP and Otis Managed the Change.

    The move is having a significant impact on corporate culture, and it is full of human challenges.  In both cases, Awareness and Desire are key components and drivers of the change process. The context, nature of the change and approaches adopted create a fertile ground for Enterprise-wide Change Management (ECM) development.  Executive Summary The process of hybridisation involves the shift to remote working and, in some instances, the creation of a flex office. We have conducted interviews with Otis and ADP to get the big picture and understand how they deal with the change(s). 1. Sponsors can make or break the change, but sponsorship deficiencies are quite common. The case of ADP highlights the role of CM practitioners, not as substitutes to leaders in sponsoring the change, but as enabling forces. While CM experts lack proper authority or proximity to the field, a close working relationship with ...

  • This is how they used Change Management to shift mindsets and succeed.

    Executive Summary Prosci Europe's case studies offer practical insights for organisations wishing to make changes that stick.   Why should I read? Type of change. Against a backdrop of a corporate merger, this IT-driven change involved the implementation of a new operating model (TOM) whose effectiveness largely depended on mindset shifts. An exciting case study packed with human challenges that teaches a lot about how Change Management can create a fertile ground for adopting new processes, roles and behaviours. What success looks like. In the IT department, where many efforts went into preparing and managing the change, results show a massive difference in terms of adoption and engagement compared to the rest of the organisation. An engagement survey conducted before CM solutions were deployed suggested a modest progression in only 4 out of 11 categories under scrutiny. A second mirror survey carried out at the ...

  • Building Change Management Capabilities For Massive Change.

    Executive Summary Dive into a compelling real-life example that showcases how to drive a large-scale transformation, simultaneously generating quick wins and setting the groundwork for deep-seated, sustainable change. Learn about the different layers of a balanced and holistic CM strategy. This case study provides timely insight into how one large medical organisation is transforming its (infra)structure, processes, and day-to-day operations to become a next-generation entity within its sector.  Highlights: How would you handle a large-scale transformation? This project will impact 4500 people, with more than 150 projects rolled out over five years. The journey begins with no preexisting CM resources. Please keep in mind that this transformation is still ongoing.  NEXUM is building Change Management organisational capabilities from the ground up. We are taking it from ‘ground zero’ all the way up with a comprehensive strategy that focuses on establishing robust internal governance ...

ADKAR Blocks

A Proven Framework for Individual Change

The Prosci ADKAR® Model offers a pragmatic approach to change management based on a simple, research-proven principle: organisational change happens one person at a time.

The ADKAR Model effectively guides individuals and teams, step by step, through any change, whether adopting a new ERP system, relocating offices, acquiring businesses or changing the corporate culture. It also includes proven tools and techniques for overcoming the obstacles that can arise during these transitions.

The ADKAR model is one of the cornerstones of the Prosci methodology and serves as an internationally recognised standard for change management professionals.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We partner with you to design and implement results-focused change management strategies tailored to meet your specific needs and organizational goals.

Top Reasons Clients Choose Prosci

When you partner with Prosci, you gain access to over 25 years of industry-leading research and experience on what it takes to drive successful change.

Prosci delivers change management solutions and services to clients in over 70 countries around the world through a direct presence in most continents and an active, integrated global partner network.

Nexum, Prosci All over the world.
  • 25+Years of Change Management research
  • 100.000+People trained and certified worldwide
  • 80%Of Fortune 100 companies partner with Prosci
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Client Success Stories

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Mireille URLUS
Chief Executive Officer at ARAG

People are key in their approach. The journey and solutions proposed by Prosci Europe are triggered by the individual characteristics and the people behind the company, not from available ‘one fits all’-solutions. They show flexibility both at the start of a journey as during the journey, making long-term permanent (strategic) changes possible. Real professionals that proof every single time that they go the extra mile!

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President of Engie University at Engie

It is a group of very high level and credible professionals, well represented in several European countries, very flexible in their approach. They commit to their client success and accompany side by side the client process of transformation. They coach the individuals and the teams towards the realization of their company project.

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