Enterprise Change Management

Is your organisation suffering from change saturation?
Is more change going on compared to how much change the organisation can handle?

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Prosci Europe can help you increase your organisation's ability to adapt to change, stay ahead of the competition, and take Change Management to the next level in your organisation.

Our accompaniment's objective is to support you in institutionalising Change Management practices, processes, capabilities, and competencies in your organisation's DNA, enabling the organisation.

Change capable organisations are more responsive, agile and resilient to change with better ability to execute strategy and win in the market. Research shows that organisations with higher Change Management maturity have significantly higher project success rates.

Prosci Europe partners with clients to develop results-oriented enterprise change capability strategies. Working with organisations worldwide, we provide the framework, research and experience to define a unique approach to meet your specific needs.




How do we help you?

Building an enterprise-wide change capability requires structure, intent and expertise. With Enterprise Change Management (ECM), we offer a holistic approach to make the journey with you.

We assess your Change Management maturity level, and what future target is the right one for the organization. Then, we help you develop a strategy to get there by looking at the organization in five dimensions that drive Change Management maturity.


1. Leadership

Leadership commitment is a prerequisite for a successful ECM. Prosci Europe can help you gain and align leadership commitment to your ECM strategy. We offer a Strategic Alignment Workshop to facilitate the ECM strategy process with the relevant stakeholders.


2. Project

Efficient Change Management increases benefit realisation, staying on budget and staying on schedule. Prosci Europe helps you apply a customised, targeted and structured Change Management approach on selected demonstration projects. This should be taken from project Approach.


3. Skills

Applying Change Management requires unique individual skills and competencies. Prosci Europe helps you develop a strategy and set of tactics for building the necessary skills and competencies for managing change throughout the organisation, from the CEO to frontline employees. Prosci Europe delivers strategically positioned training to the project teams, senior leaders, managers and supervisors, and employees.


4. Structure & Process

A functional group - like a Change Management Office (CMO) - is essential. The group can institutionalise Change Management, from being the "process owner" of the Change Management methodology to supporting the rest of the organisation in applying Change Management methods.

Having a CMO speeds up the maturity process. Prosci Europe has considerable experience in assisting clients in setting up CMOs.


Where to start?


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