Why and how to develop a leader from good to extraordinary?

06 April 2021

Strengths-based Leadership Development

author picture Article written by Morten Kamp Andersen

Managing change is the highest expression of leadership, according to Zenger and Folkman.
I other words, there will be no successful change without great leaders, whatever the change is

When we consider the impact of top executives and managers, at every level on an organisation, in driving change successfully, we can easily adhere to the idea that leadership development is a strategic imperative for any organisation.

Because research of 1,600,000 feedback assessments correlating to approximately 135,000 managers’ performance metrics demonstrate how crucial the influence of leaders on employee engagement is, independently from the type of business of their company. Ultimately better leadership generates better business outcomes, higher revenue and profitability.

But what is a good leader, and how can any leader develop his leadership capacity?

The first good news is that great leaders are not just born with this capacity. It can be developed.

The second one is that there is no one way to become a great leader. Every great leader is unique.
But they all have nurtured leadership competencies around 5 well-defined areas, with a focus on developing strengths, not weaknesses.

This way, you are building on solid grounds. Chances of progress are superior. Additionally, collaborators and colleagues will be inclined to acknowledge your strengths and praise them. They will develop self-confidence as they meet success, reinforcing further growth and creating a virtuous circle.

More specifically, 19 competencies are worth focusing on. They differentiate the best leaders of the world from the average. Nevertheless, the path from good to extraordinary is different from the traditional approach to development. To succeed, you need to identify and develop strengths through complementary competencies.

We call this Cross-Training.

In this white paper, we present the Strengths-based approach to Leadership Development.

And we give you a step-by-step guide on how you can measure a leader and develop him or her from good to extraordinary.

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